The Magnetism

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About “The magnetism” documentary

“The magnetism” documentary series is about the Arbaeen of Imam Hussain and intends to introduce the walk of Arbaeen and the pilgrims of the gathering to the people around the world Muslim and non-Muslim by interviewing them.
This series contains 10 short episodes about safety in the walk of Arbaeen in Iraq, the medical service for pilgrims, the impression of Money on the universal gathering and …. . each episode longs from 5 to 8 minutes due to the content.
In this documentary pilgrims from USA, Australia, Spain, Turkey, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, France and … Have been interviewed. The series is in English, Arabic, and Farsi with subtitles that can be switched in languages.

‘Duration: 70
Episodes: 10 episodes
Production year: 2018

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