The Reflection of Bodies

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About “the reflection of bodies” documentary

«the reflection of bodies” is the name of a documentary series for introducing the walk of Arbaeen and encouraging people to participate which includes 20 short clips in English, Arabic, and Farsi in subtitles.
The audience is the non-Moslem societies and Moslem societies that have never been participated in the walk of Arbaeen or doesn’t know anything about its historical background.
This series contains the universal walk of Arbaeen, the reason of the services that Iraqi people give to the pilgrims, the reason of the walk of this universal gathering, the description of this ceremony and the meaning Hussain’s resistance from the Nubl (Syria) and All_Zahra martyrs family’s point of view in Arbaeen and…
These clips are short interview parts and 21 pilgrims from around the world were interviewed. The clips long from 2 to 5 minutes due to the content.

‘Duration: 60
Episodes: 20 episodes
Production year: 2017

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