About us

The Arbaeen festival has surprisingly influenced the lifestyle of its devotees. The appeal of Arbaeen rests on its profound message which is a combination of inspiring elements but mostly unity, amity, and solidarity. Such an extraordinary aspect demands that it be awarded airtime in mainstream media. However, wary of the critical messages of Arbaeen, the corporate media has treated the obvious with embargos; trivializing the gathering of over twenty million people (which certainly counts for a gargantuan event), boycotting its news, displaying an ill-conceived picture of it, and labeling its scope as mediocre, which is proof that media actually fears the far-reaching and magnetic impacts of Arbaeen as more people participate year after year.
Therefore, bringing to the forefront of attention a lifestyle of this scope is one the most strategic moves that best manifests the mores of Imam al-Husayn (a).
With this goal in mind, “40th day” Media Group was formed with support from top students and clergymen in Qom, Iran. We started in 2016 by publishing our first short video clips and materials that were tailored to address ideas of Imam al-Husayn (a) and his revived heritage; The Arbaeen festival. Since then, one of the most important policies of the Arbaeeni Media Group has been to identify those areas that have the potential to be highlighted for production purposes.
What we have shown in our movies are genuine feedbacks to that of normally existent needs in everyone’s nature.
The aforementioned feedbacks demonstrate that the lifestyle and philosophy derived out of the treasure of Arbaeen would be a complete and moderate one to be presented for the people of the world.